Tailored Financial Reporting

Our guarantee that your business matters will be handled by the knowledgeable professionals at Edmark Development Company, and tailored to suit your unique needs.  Customer-driven, consistently applied, accounting services will help your company better track and manage its financial, operational and statistical performance.  The International Financial Reporting Standards (IFRS) are adhered to, as the basis for enterprises that do not have public accountability needs and for management companies seeking to publish general purpose financial statements for their market users.   The IFRS cover guidelines for implementation and important disclosure requirements that protect the interests of our managed property owners.   We can simplify this process for you – our firm commitment to our properties!

Timely Rent Collection

The firm foundation of a successful business relationship.  We will ensure our properties are up to speed with our rent collection system, and will guarantee that our system will be supported so there is never any issue with timeliness or accuracy of payments.

24/7 Emergency Response

Needed by any reputable property management company if you want to give your properties first class service.  Edmark Development Company offers nothing less than prompt and efficient problem resolution for any emergency need.  Emergencies happen – and we will be there for you; this is a economic value service we can guarantee, that will also benefit the communities in which your property is located – a win/win for all!

Continuous Lease Administration

Our commitment to ensuring your headaches from the many details of lease administration are dealt with by Edmark Development Company professionals.  This enables you, our customer, to take care of your financial strategy while we manage the nitty-gritty details of your property assets!  No loser here!

Budget Review and Reconciliation

Another valuable service Edmark Development Company can offer to its clients & properties.  Whether the budgeting needs are to determine funding for operational requirements, track budget performance, or assist our properties with their budget reconciliation processes – your needs will be met and exceeded by our professionals at Edmark Development Company. Comparison budget reports can be generated on a monthly or year to date basis to compare operating performance of the property in relationship to the operating budget.

Accurate Lease Abstraction

A management task that Edmark Development Company can capably take over for our properties, saving our clients the tedious work of the details of administering their leases and accurately identifying and resolving any lease issues.  The devil is always in the details, and servicing this need can free our property owners to manage their financial strategies for their assets and thereby increase their potential profits.


Seeking our property management services or becoming a tenant of one of our locations?

Full Service Lease and Renewal

A specialty of ours, as we understand our clients’ ability to have the time and even interest in working through the many details of a lease renewal that impact not only operating costs, but also working conditions and your peace of mind in having the work of these negotiations off your plate.  We can listen to your objectives, accurately present the facts of what the continued lease would require, and work with all our clients to a mutually-satisfying end for years to come!

Professional Services Contract Negotiations

Contract Negotiations come with the need for a thorough evaluation of the market and risks that may be involved.  Knowledge of the details of the contracts is a must, along with the inclusions and exclusions necessary to complete a workable, risk-reduced contract.  We, at Edmark Development Company, are ready and willing to help our clients understand the full picture of what these contracts entail, and work with you for the contract provisions that will best serve your business needs as well as your suppliers’ needs.  This is the hallmark of great and workable contract negotiations, and our standard of practice.


Complete Tenant Relations Management

Our ongoing commitment to ensuring our tenants are completely satisfied with their services provided by Edmark Development Company, and are willing to continue a mutually satisfactory business relationship.  Our highly trained professionals will deliver excellence in all client relations and operational matters promptly and with the state-of-the-art technologies that identify Edmark at the pinnacle of property management excellence, along with transparency and accountability in all aspects of our business relationship.

Commercial Real Estate Marketing Assistance

Just one more service we can bring to our clients.  Our Edmark Development Company professionals study market trends, can identify market niches, and help ensure that our clients return to the available markets what is needed, and enable a revenue return that is predictable based on the market involved.  Excellent marketing can also ensure any given market area will encourage the presence of a variety of businesses that the market would desire – another win-win!

Construction Management

Another nuts and bolts area where Edmark Development Companyexcels – in working the mutually desirable business relationships needed for initial and ongoing construction needs as the properties develop and the target market grows.   Bidding out contracts, understanding timelines needed, quality construction and cost effectiveness required – all management skills developed and honed to perfection in managing our properties to the satisfaction of all parties.

Commercial Property Development Assistance

The ultimate key to perfecting a property management relationship.  Our staff at Edmark Development Company has the diversity of backgrounds, willingness and ability to see you through your goals with your properties, and make it all work within a budget and desired timeline.  We make your goals, our goals, and will work with you until achieved!  Sometimes the need is re-development, and we understand that as well, and will be right there to assist with the revitalization of your commercial property.